Toy Manufacturers In India [Best Manufacturers]

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Toy Manufacturers In India [Best Manufacturers]

The manufacturing of toys in India dates back to 8,000 years. Early toys included whistles that looked like parrots, as well as miniature oxen carts. Toys were either made from bamboo, wood, clay, or cloth. In contrast, today, there are numerous ornate options for materials used by India's toy manufacturers. The government has taken many initiatives to support the manufacturing of toys that produced Vocal for Local, a plan to make the world safer within 15 years by promoting local products and services throughout India by 2030 - local heroes unite!

Toys are a collection of items designed to be fun. Business-oriented companies manufacture toys. The market of toys is categorised into two core segments: Infant toys and Toys. Most of the toy manufacturers in India are looking for the best way to keep themselves in the topmost position to make the maximum revenue.

Current Scenario of Toy Industry in India

据估计,印度玩具行业值得US$1.5 billion, making up 0.5% of the global market share. The toy manufacturers in India can mostly be found in NCR, Mumbai, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, and several smaller towns and cities across central states such as Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh. The sector is fragmented with 90% of the market being unorganised. The toys industry has been predicted to grow to US$2-3 billion by 2024. The Indian toy industry only represents 0.5% of the global industry size indicating a large potential growth opportunity for Indian consumer product companies who will develop exciting innovations to deliver international quality standards at competitive prices.

Here is a list of the top 5 toy manufacturers in India:

  • Funskool (India)
  • Natkhat
  • Tripple Ess Toys
  • Khanna Toys
  • ToyZone

1. Funskool (India)

Funskool is a top toy manufacturer in the country. Their headquarters are located in Chennai in Tamil Nadu, India. Funskool (India) Ltd was created when Hasbro Inc fell under a joint venture with MRF Ltd in 1987 to become one of India's leading toy companies. It has annual revenue of over $35 million and owns a factory spread out across 80,000 square feet alongside another facility at Ranipet that takes up almost 50,000 square feet. It serves local children as well as exports goods to countries worldwide, including the United States of America, Canada, Mexico, The United Kingdom, Australia, and Germany.


  • Stationery
  • Electronic learning toys
  • Art & craft activity kits
  • Construction/assembly kits
  • Soft toys
  • Preschool Games and more


Tarapore Towers, 6th Floor 826,
Anna Salai, Chennai - 600 002.
Tamil Nadu, India

2. Natkhat

Natkhat has been providing stuffed toy products for over two decades. As a manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of various stuffed toys, they have planned to take care of large networks of clients within India as well as outside the country, as these toys help fulfill the childhood fantasies of many young and older people. It constantly reviews the duties to deliver the best quality products. It also focuses on high-quality services by timely delivery of orders and prompt responses to all requests made by potential new customers or old customers seeking more product exclusives.


  • Stuffed amusement toys
  • Stuffed animal toys
  • Teddy bears
  • Other similar items made from cotton fabric


Plot No. 155,
Toy City,
Udyog Kendra,
Greater Noida - 201306,
Uttar Pradesh, India

3. Tripple Ess Toys

For more than 25 years, Tripple Ess has been designing and making high-quality children’s toys that offer exceptional value. They use innovation to develop products that teach young people through play. Tripple Ess Toys is an established toy manufacturer with its own 40,000 square feet production area, which is equipped with the right tools and expertise to make child-safe toys. Their production area is also equipped with suitable machines to produce plastic components for auto industries. Today, they have a state-of-the-art commercial tool room equipped with the best machinery and tools to make world-class molds. They have 15 injection moulding machines ranging from 25 tons to 125 tons that are computerised as well as pad printing and thermoforming Machines that help great quality moulds come together with ease.


  • Clay Toys
  • Wooden Toys
  • Preschool Toys
  • Musical Toys
  • Wind up Toys
  • Outdoor Toys and more.


Noida-201 301,
Uttar Pradesh, India.

Process of making vintage toy

4. Khanna Toys

Khanna玩具专门为孩子创造了玩具ren. It produces push-n-go, roly-poly, ride-on toys, and kitchen set toys. It specialises in making standard toys for kids living in the 21st century and has been around since 2008. This company has a team of hardworking employees who specialise in designing and manufacturing well-made toys that meet the requirements of our clients as well as those of children. The toys are made available in different colours and sizes to meet the needs of all customers. The most notable features include durability, lightweight design, easy handling, and crack resistance.


  • Indoor Toys
  • Push-N-Go Toys
  • Pull along Ride Toys
  • Musical Toys and more


2804, First Floor,
Opposite Fire Station,
Timber Market,
2nd Block,
Sadar Bazar,
Delhi - 110006, India

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5. ToyZone

ToyZone has more than 20 years of experience selling toys to different sectors of India. The company officially began manufacturing toys 15 years ago after it had grown strong enough to support itself through the production process. Their manufacturing facility close to Delhi ensures that everything is created with the latest cutting-edge technology needed to produce the highest quality toy products. Customers in India and abroad can also rely on them to achieve several of their toy needs. Keeping in line with the rapidly changing market scenario both within our nation and across global markets, the company has established its integrated manufacturing facility located near Delhi with the latest machinery coupled with in-house research and development facilities.


  • Baby Furniture
  • Board Games
  • Dolls
  • 厨房设置
  • Magic Cars and more


Z-6, Rajouri Garden,
Near Kukreja Hospital,
New Delhi 110027, India

Toy Manufacturers

Contact No

Funskool (India)




Tripple Ess Toys


Khanna Toys





The top toy manufacturers in India are expected to witness significant growth due to increase in the population of children in India and rise in purchasing power among the consumers. The growth of the top Indian toy companies is further driven by a huge growth opportunity to tap into the market share of the unorganised toy industry, which accounts for almost 90% of total revenue generated by the toy manufacturing companies in India. There will be surging demand for scientific, educational, and digital toys due to increased disposable income and increased awareness of safety concerns related to various toy products being manufactured by local manufacturers. We hope you enjoyed our article about the top manufacturers of toys in India. Thank you for reading!

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FAQs On Toy Manufacturers

Q. What age group buys the most toys?

Ans. While the intended audience for these toys is children 12 years old or younger (48 percent), 30 percent of adults purchase them for other people, and almost four in ten (38 percent) buy them for themselves.

Q. Which country is the biggest toy manufacturer?

Ans. In 2020, Hasbro had the highest annual revenue out of all the selected toy companies, generating revenues exceeding 7.21 billion US dollars. The toy industry can be considered an umbrella term for all brands, from toddlers to teens to young adults.

Q. What is the future of the toy industry in India?

Ans. The report on India's toys industry from IMARC reveals some interesting data on the industry. The market size for toys in India was $1.75 billion last year and is expected to grow at a clip of 15% for this upcoming year and another 12 years after that, reaching $3.3 billion by 2031!

Q. Is the toy business profitable in India?

Ans. The toys industry in India is a very lucrative one. It offers different opportunities to entrepreneurs whether they would be going in for a startup or already have an established business. Furthermore, a toy makes education not only fun but enjoyable for the children. In addition, increased numbers of playschools have added fuel to this ever-growing industry.

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