Best Honey Brands in India [Most Popular Brands]

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Best Honey Brands in India [Most Popular Brands]

Honey is loved across the country. It is not only added in cooking recipes but has proven worth in resolving skin, hair, weight, and other health-related issues. Severalhoney brands in Indiaclaim to provide natural honey free from artificial ingredients, sweeteners, and preservatives. However, only a few of them have been able to attract consumers to date.

Top 10 honey brands in India along with their prices

Honey Brand



INR 350 for 500 grams


INR 179 for 500 grams


INR 99 for 250 grams

Little Bee Organic Honey

INR 600 for 500 grams

Apis Himalaya Honey

INR 440 for 1 kilogram

DYU Honey

INR 270 for 315 grams

Zandu Pure Honey

INR 199 for 500 grams

24 Mantra

INR 270 for 250 grams

Patanjali Honey

INR 136 for 500 grams

Baidyanath Madhu

INR 310 for 1 kilogram

Now let's see some details of these top-sellinghoney brands in India:

1. Hitkary

Hitkary Honey is one of the most lovedhoney brands in India. Over the years, it has earned trust among customers by providing chemical-free and pure honey. The organic honey offered by this brand is not manufactured using antibiotics. Moreover, honey is cultivated only in the season. Apart from honey, Hitkary also offers sherbets, lemonades, and other health drinks.

2. Dabur

The name Dabur was synonymous with Honey in India till other brands like Patanjali entered the market. However, it still is one of the most preferredhoney brands in India. Chemical-free and preservative-free honey provided by Dabur can easily be added to milkshakes, lemonades, and other recipes. Dabur claims to provide 100% pure honey and no one has challenged this to date. Also, the honey from Dabur is packaged into glass bottles that preserve the content for a long time. Apart from honey, Dabur also offers many other medicinal and natural products.

3. Beez

Beez has been in the honey-making business for a decade. However, the natural, pure, and organic honey it supplies has already impressed Indian consumers. The unprocessed and premium quality honey offered by this brand is available in different forms. Each type of honey is formulated for specific reasons and is also exported to other countries. All these reasons make it a fit contender to be on this list of besthoney brands in India.

4. Little Bee

You can order premium, organic, blended, and natural honey from Little Bee as per your requirements. This brand provides handmade honey which is prepared by following all the hygiene and safety standards. Though slightly expensive, this premium honey brand has been acknowledged with an APEDA award in the past. The taste and quality offered by Little bee are unmatched and make it one of the top contenders on this list.

5. Apis

Apis is known for providing economical, high-quality, and pure honey. No chemicals are added to this honey and the latest techniques and tools are utilised for extracting it. The sweetness of Apis Himalayan Honey makes it a perfect companion of bread, rotis, and refreshing drinks. Many people also use this honey instead of sugar in their tea and coffee as honey is considered to be a healthier option. You can utilise Apis Himalayan Honey for baking purposes as well.

6. DYU

DYU is famous for providing raw and organic honey in India. It offers varieties of honey-like raw, artisanal, and natural honey. Most of the honey-making process involves the use of automated techniques for extraction and packaging purposes. The natural sweetness and natural glow to the texture of this honey make it one of the most desirablehoney brands in India. No sweeteners or sugar is added to DYU honey. Therefore, it is a completely healthy option for health-conscious people.

7. Zandu

Like Dabur, Zandu is also a household name in India when it comes to honey. The unique texture, fragrance, and flavour of organic and unprocessed honey make it one of the best-sellinghoney brands in India. The honey provided by this brand is free from fat and added sweeteners. Therefore, people prefer it over most brands when it comes to using honey for cooking, skincare, and medical purposes. It is also a popular honey brand in India as it is available in an affordable price range.

8. 24 Mantra

If you don't want to compromise on purity and quality, 24 Mantra Honey can be your first choice. Minimal human interference, natural and unprocessed honey, and perfect packaging make it one of the most perfecthoney brands in India. No chemicals, sugar, or preservatives are added to this honey. Therefore, it is often used for health care, beauty care, and culinary purposes. However, 24 Mantra Honey can be slightly expensive as compared to the other brands.

9. Patanjali

没有印度公司even close to Patanjali when it comes to earning huge profits in a quick time. The strong commitment of the company towards nature-based products and powerful marketing gimmicks has enabled it to become one of the most preferredhoney brands in India. Patanjali claims to be the only brand that provides unadulterated and organic honey. They claim that their honey deposits at the bottom due to the natural properties of honey. People in both cities and villages seem to have developed an unwavering trust for this brand. Patanjali Honey is also cheaper than what most brands offer in India.

10. Baidyanath

Baidyanath is an Ayurveda brand that strictly believes in the holistic properties of natural ingredients. Therefore, you can buy Baidyanath honey without doubting its purity. Again, it is a household name in India and also provides other products like Amla juice, ghee, Chyawanprash, etc.


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Q. How is raw or unprocessed honey obtained from nature?

Ans. Raw honey is obtained directly from the beehives without subjecting it to heat and other processes. Beeswax, dead honey bees, and other things are removed from the honey before supplying it to consumers.

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Ans. Yes, bahi khata apps can be downloaded from Google Play Store or App Store as per your mobile device.

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问:我是领先的蜂蜜品牌n India?

Ans. Hitkary, Dabur, Baidyanath, Zandu, and Patanjali are the leadinghoney brands in India.

Q. Can I make natural honey at home?

Ans. Harvesting beehives on the roof of your home or a tree is not easy. You need to follow utmost safety precautions while harvesting them as bees tend to sting when they feel insecure. Therefore, drop the idea of making natural honey at home. However, if you know the technicalities of it, it is better to harvest honey near a farmhouse or garden.