Best Gas Stove Brands in India [4 Best Brands]

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Best Gas Stove Brands in India [4 Best Brands]

每kitchenwa燃气灶具是不可或缺的一部分re, and they are priced from ₹2000 to ₹30,000 depending on their features. Also, due to the convenience and safety offered by gas stoves, over 75% of Indian households own gas stoves. Hence, a wide range of brands has started launching gas stoves as the main product. Also, extensive marketing through advertising coupled with numerous Brand options can make a consumer confused while analysing the best Gas stove Brand in India. Hence, it becomes important for us to know how to select the best product and be aware of its specifications. While choosing a gas stove, there are a few aspects that a customer should be vigilant about.

How to choose the best gas stove?

Before visiting the market, decide how much space the gas stove will occupy and the type of gas connection available at your disposal. Also, look out for these specifications:

  1. Look for a product that matches the dimensions that you are looking for.
  2. Select the number and type of burners needed on the stove.
  3. Choose the type of gas stove based on requirements like automatic ignition.
  4. Ensure that you find the ISI mark and the safety valve
  5. 要求安全手册和保证y offered by the Brand.
  6. Analyse the material of the gas stove and check its durability and finish
  7. Check the sturdiness of the drip tray and the pan supports (trivets)
  8. Ensure to learn the installation process through a demo if possible

The Top Gas Stove Brands in India:

Based on this checklist, a suitable gas stove can be purchased by ensuring maximum efficiency and safety. Here, you can find details about the topgas stove brands in Indiaalong with the unique features they offer. While curating this information, the focus has been on ease of use, maintenance, and versatility.

1. Prestige Marvel

Prestige is a brand well-known for its quality and consistency. Serving Indian consumers over the past 30 years, the company offers a wide range of kitchenware. By offering durable products at affordable prices, Prestige has carved a niche for itself. Prestige Marvel is a series of elegant gas stoves launched by the company that offers stylish designs at competitive prices.

With an option to choose the number of burners, ignition type, and customised designs, Marvel gas stoves are marketed as smart, efficient, and long-lasting. The body of the stove is made with toughened shatterproof glass and it has an ergonomic knob design for easy movement. Moreover, the gas stove is equipped with a high-efficiency tri-pin burner with spill-proof design plates.

Key Features:

  • Versatile and elegant design
  • Toughened shatterproof glass top
  • Ergonomic knob design for easy movement
  • High-efficiency tri-pin burner
  • Affordable prices

The marvel range of gas stoves starts at ₹3000 and goes up to ₹10000 and is undoubtedly among the best choice for gas stoves available in the Indian market.

2. Lifelong

Designed keeping the needs of an everyday customer, Lifelong offers gas stoves at the best possible budget. The brand provides gas stoves with a wide range of features to choose from at pocket-friendly prices.

The brand boasts 1-year assured warranty along with doorstep service for all its products. The gas stoves have been IS1 certified with good fuel efficiency.

Key Features:

  • Wide range of options, economically priced
  • 1 year guarantee with doorstep service
  • High Efficiency burners with customisable options
  • 360 degree multi-directional gas inlet nozzle

The brand provides double burners starting from ₹1500 and the prices go up to ₹7000, offering the best deal in the market.

Closeup shot of blue fire from domestic kitchen stove

3. Elica

This is a brand known worldwide for offering premium gas stoves with unmatchable energy efficiency and make. Though the brand is relatively new to the Indian market, it is gaining popularity due to the robust nature of its products.

Internationally certified and customised for Indian customers, Elica has launched gas stoves with Eur-coated grids and firm support panels to support heavy utensils. The burners are made of brass and provide uniform heat distribution, helping in even cooking while saving fuel.

Key Features:

  • High quality material finish with reinforced glass on exterior
  • Euro-coated grids
  • Ergonomic, sleek design for portability
  • High efficiency brass burners
  • Powder coated, sturdy pan supports for withstanding heavy utensils

The gas stoves from Elica start from ₹3500 and go up to ₹20.000.

4. Pigeon

Gas stoves from Pigeon provide easy maintenance by offering an easy to clean design.

With a unique design consisting of removable spill plates, a 360-degree swivel type gas inlet, and a rotating nozzle, Pigeon gas stoves are sleek and easy to clean. The body of the stove is made of stainless steel, making it light and easy to handle. Moreover, the spill-proof pan support coupled with a stainless steel drip tray makes it easy for the user to wipe off grease and dirt easily.

Key Features:

  • Easy to clean construction
  • Light, stainless steel body
  • Removable spill plates
  • 360-degree swivel type gas inlet
  • Spill-proof pan support

All gas stoves from Pigeon come with a 2-year warranty period. The Pigeon gas stoves start from ₹2500 onwards and goes up to ₹6500


While there are multiple options for gas stoves in the Indian market, it is important to check the veracity of each one before purchase. This is because gas stoves are an integral part of an Indian kitchen, and a good product should pass all safety tests with certification. Moreover, with the rise in the use of gas stoves, multiple players with different product differentiation have entered the market. Brands with good customer loyalty, warranty, and service provisions need to be short-listed and compared. Also, it is possible to easily order a gas stove online either using the brand’s official website or through an e-commerce platform like Amazon, Croma, or Flipkart. Hence, it is easy to view the certifications, features and compare products from multiple brands with a click of a button. Also, most brands offer a replacement policy if the stove has been damaged in transit.


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Q. How to find if a brand’s gas stove is good?

Ans. Before buying a gas stove, the consumer must be aware of the specifications, safety checks, and the type of gas stove available in the market. After confirming the requirement, one can compare the products from different brands based on their unique features, customer service, warranty, and reviews. Lastly, the customer can opt for the best deal offered by comparing similar products from different brands.

Q. What are the top 3 brands of gas stoves in India?

Ans. Prestige, Lifelong, and Elica are the top 3 brands offering the best quality gas stoves at affordable prices. Other popular brands in the Indian market are Butterfly, Sunflame, and Milton among others.


Ans. Owning a good quality gas stove with ISI certifications and safety checks is not an option but a necessity. Owing to the multiple health hazards and danger that an improper gas stove may pose, it is important to check the veracity and the quality of the gas stove before purchase. Moreover, a good gas stove can help save fuel, make cooking, cleaning, and handling processes more efficient.

Q. How much is a gas stove in India?

Ans. Gas stoves in India can be purchased starting from ₹1500. The price range may go up to ₹30,000 depending on the building, number, and type of burners, ignition type, the material of construction, ease of maintenance, among many other features.

Q. Can we buy gas stoves online in India?

Ans. Yes, it is possible to buy gas stoves online. One can visit the official site of the brand or log on to an e-commerce platform like Amazon, Croma, or Flipkart to view the product catalog and place the orders. Hence, it is easy to view the certifications, features and compare products from multiple brands with a click of a button. Also, most brands offer a replacement policy if the stove has been damaged in transit.