Best Cycle Brands in India [Top Brands]

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Best Cycle Brands in India [Top Brands]

In this era of environmental sustainability, cycles are really in trend. Probably that's why cool and trendy cycles are the talk of the town today. So, if you are planning to buy a new cycle but are not sure which brand is ideal for you, don't worry; we have got you covered. Despite the presence of a plethora ofcycle brands in India,其中一些比其他的质量,design, and affordability. Following is the list of leading cycle brands in India:

1. Hero Cycles

Hero Cycles Limited is known as the largest integrated cycle manufacturer in the world. It is a leading entity in both standard and premium segments of cycles in India. With a marketing share of nearly 43% today, the brand was incorporated in 1965. The distinguishing features that make it a true leader includes state-of-the-art infrastructure with ultramodern machinery, stringent quality parameters, and unwavering passion and excellence.

  • Types of cycles: ATB, MTB, City, Women, Kids, Boys, Girls, E-cycles
  • Bestsellers: Hustle 29ER 21SPD, Manhattan 26T, whistle 20T DD, Miss India Gold 26T, Venice 26T, X-Factor 26T
  • Certification: ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 certified, recognised by R&D Department of govt. of India

2. Avon Cycles

Avon Cycles is also one of the most popularcycle brands in India, which was established in 1948. It is the only brand in the world that can confidently claim full backward integration holding a unique and unmatched position. Avon Cycles outshine othercycle brands in Indiadue to its high-class technology with quality consistency, effective after-sales service, wide choices, and streamlined distribution.

  • Types of Cycles: MTB, Kids, Roadsters, Geared, Cyclux, Ladies
  • Best Sellers: Gen Now Pro, Nuke Pro, Element Pro
  • Certification: ISO 9001 certified

3. Hercules

Founded by the Murugappa group in 1949, Hercules cycles is also one of the oldestcycle brands in India, focusing on quality and customer-centric approaches. Hercules cycles prove themselves better than other brands with exceptional features like night vision, knuckle guard, fashion-savvy cycles with sleek looks, smart features, strong, durable, and reliable.

  • Types of cycles: Roadeo, MTB, Kids, Roadster, Jr. Roadster
  • Best Sellers: Hercules Roadeo Hank, Hercules A 50, Hercules Maddox, Hercules A 750.
  • Certification: ISO 9001, OSHAS 18001, ISO 14001

4. La Sovereign

La Sovereign Bikes Pvt. Ltd. is a joint venture between Thailand and India-based companies established with a motto to provide quality cycles. Its distinguished features include world-class designs, high-quality components, alloy rims, anti-rust stainless steel spokes, and warranty.

  • Types of Cycles: MTB multi-speed, MTB Single Speed, kids, hybrid, fat bicycle
  • Bestsellers: La Sovereign Sport 29ER, La Sovereign 26 Spark, La Sovereign Black Gold
  • Certification: ISO 9001

5. Bianchi Cycles

Established around 130 years back in Milan, Bianchi Cycles is one of the most prestigious and premiumcycle brands in India. Its features include Italian design, high-quality framework, and strength.

  • Types of Cycles: Road, Racing, Gravel, MTB, E cycles
  • Best Sellers: Bianchi Sprint Disc Ultegra 11SP Compact, Bianchi Infinito SE Ultegra
  • Certifications: ISO 9001 and ISO 14001
Cycling group training in the morning

6. BSA Cycles

BSA周期是另一个名字的名单cycle brands in India. Its fun features, vibrant colours, innovative add-ons, high performance, and even higher quality stand out. Regardless of anything, it has something for everyone.

  • Types of Cycles: Kids, Ladybird, Roadsters, Jr. Roadsters
  • Best Sellers: BSA Hazel 26T, BSA Rocket, BSA Super Deluxe
  • Certifications: ISO 9001, OSHAS 18001, ISO 14001

7. Firefox Bikes

With its expensive and premium range of cycles, Firefox bikes have made an impression as a top-notch cycling brand in the country. Firefox Bikes offers a lifetime warranty, enhanced durability and performance, more than 100 accessories, sturdy wheels, powerful brakes, steep grades, and a pan-India network.

  • Types of Cycles: Mountain, Hybrid, Road Bikes
  • Best Sellers: Firefox Rapide, Firefox Voya, Firefox Bad Attitude 8
  • Certifications: ISO 9001, ISO 14001

8. Kross Cycles

With its unique eco-technology, Kross Cycles is regularly setting new benchmarks on the industrial front of the cycle industry. Kross Cycles ensures a luxury experience owing to its outstanding quality and features like robust design, durability, stylish framework at affordable prices, and assurance of complete comfort.

  • Types of Cycles: Mountain Bikes MTB, Kids, Ladies, City
  • Best Sellers: Kross Extreme 20T, Kross Maximus Pro 26T, Kross Maximus Pro 24T
  • 认证:ISO9001

9. Montra

Established in 2011, Montra is one of the most recognized high-end performancecycle brands in India. Its unique features include international performing biking standards, affordable prices, and unique innovations.

  • Types of cycles: Mountain, Hybrid, City
  • Best Sellers: Montra Timba, Montra Downtown, Montra Trance Pro
  • Certifications: ISO 9001, OSHAS 18001, ISO 14001

10. Roadmaster

Roadmaster cycles is another leading name and are one of the premium & fast-growingcycle brands in India. Its unique features include cost-effective bicycles with fantastic design choices, high durability, cutting-edge technology, and round-the-clock customer support.

  • Types of Cycles: Junior, MTB, Road Bike
  • Best Sellers: RM 500, RM 2020, RM 100
  • Certifications: ISO 9001

Cycle Brand

Popular Models


  • Hustle 29ER 21SPD

  • Manhattan 26T

  • Whistle 20T DD

  • Miss India Gold 26T

  • Venice 26T

  • X-Factor 26T


  • Gen Now Pro

  • Nuke Pro

  • Element Pro


  • Hercules Roadeo Hank

  • Hercules A 50

  • Hercules Maddox

  • Hercules A 750.

La Sovereign

  • La Sovereign Sport 29ER

  • La Sovereign 26 Spark

  • La Sovereign Black Gold

Bianchi Cycles

  • Bianchi Sprint Disc Ultegra 11SP Compact

  • Bianchi Infinito SE Ultegra

BSA Cycles

  • BSA淡褐色26T

  • BSA Rocket

  • BSA Super Deluxe

Firefox Bikes

  • Firefox Rapide

  • Firefox Voya

  • Firefox Bad Attitude 8

Kross Cycles

  • Kross Extreme 20T

  • Kross Maximus Pro 26T

  • Kross Maximus Pro 24T


  • Montra Timba

  • Montra Downtown

  • Montra Trance Pro


  • RM 500

  • RM 2020

  • RM 100

Now that you know the leadingcycle brands in India, let's quickly know the different types of cycles available in the market.

Types of cycles

1. Road Cycles

Characterized by skinny tires and turned-down handlebars, these are super-lightweight and put the rider in an aerodynamic position. These are ideal for racing, fitness riding, long-distance riding, and daily commuting.

2. Mountain Cycles

These cycles enable you to ride in the city and off-road with wide tires and upright frames. It also offers various gears and comes in two types: hardtail and suspension cycle.

3. Hybrid Cycles

Hybrid cycles are a combination of road cycles and mountain cycles. It is fitness and long-distance touring.

4. BMX Cycles

These cycles are characterised by a small frame, wheels, flat handlebar, and no gears. Its front extension tubes and back tire hub flanges make them quite suitable for stunt purposes. These are pretty strong and consist of a 360-degree rotational axis.

5. Cyclocross Cycles

These Cyclocross cycles are designed for a mixed-surface course like pavements, grass, gravel, etc. They are characterised by a little wide tire and drop handlebar.

6. Cruiser Cycles

Characterised by wide balloon tires, a large and comfortable seat, and upright handlebars, these are generally suitable for short-distance commuting.


Despite so manycycle brands in India, those mentioned above are a few shining stars of the cycle industry that have made their foothold quite strong in India owing to their remarkable features. However, the ideal cycle for you is one that matches your requirements and budget.

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Q. What are a few factors you must consider while buying a cycle?

Ans. The factors you need to consider while buying a cycle are:

  1. Front suspension
  2. Disc brakes
  3. Frame
  4. Frame size
  5. Budget
  6. Purpose

Q. What is the difference between a mountain cycle and a road cycle?

Ans. Mountain cycle has larger tires, suspension, and a wide range of gears, making it suitable for varied terrain with more control over speed. In contrast, a road cycle has fewer gears, rigid frames, and narrow tires, making it suitable for less varied and smoother terrain.

Q. How to determine the ideal size of a cycle?

Ans. The ideal size of a cycle is the one that allows you to reach your pedals, brakes, and water-bottle cages comfortably.

Q. What safety equipment one needs to wear while cycling?

Ans. Safety equipment for cycling includes helmets, gloves, protective glasses, suitable clothing, etc.

Q. What are the essential components of a cycle?

Ans. Some elementary components of a cycle are seat post, frame, headset, brakes and tires, and wheels. Other parts include saddle, fork, stem and handlebars, and crankset.