Best Biscuit Brands in India [Best Brands]

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Best Biscuit Brands in India [Best Brands]

Bread and biscuits were initially regarded as the meal of the sick or recovering people. However, slowly, these food items have gained prominence as snacks or fast food. Biscuits can be carried easily while travelling and can satiate our hunger pangs during odd hours. In India, biscuit brands are always trying to impress customers by providing unique and tasty varieties. Recently, the trend of nutritious, light, and fibre-rich biscuits was seen in the market ofbiscuit brands in India.消费者可以改变饮食偏好lso be seen in the way biscuit brands are promoting their offerings. In the lockdown, there was a sizable increase in the profit of the biscuit companies since people were focusing on hoarding food items. Let's see which are the topbiscuit brands in India:

1. Parle

Parle Products Pvt. Ltd. is one of the biggestbiscuit brands in India.Though it produces other food items like candies, cakes, snacks, rusks, namkeen, etc. biscuits have been and remain its main offering. It holds around 30% to 33% of the share in the Indian biscuit industry. The oldest and most popular biscuit of Parle, Parle-G, is available even in the remotest parts of the country. The top biscuits of this brand are listed below:

● Parle-G

● Monaco

● Krackjack

● 20-20 Cookies

● Hide & Seek

● Milano

● Nutri Crunch

● Magix

● Fabio

● Top Spin

● Coconut

● Fab

● Milk Shakti

2. Britannia

Britannia Industries Ltd. is a Bangalore-based biscuit brand in India. Established in 1892, it is one of the topbiscuit brands in Indiadue to its popularity among both urban and rural masses. The latest reports say that its shares constitute up to 28% of the biscuit market. Its biscuits like Good Day, Bourbon, Marie Gold, Little Hearts, etc., have a huge following and craze amidst the Indian consumers. Kids love its biscuits like Jim Jam and 50-50 due to its unique and appetising flavour. Here are some of the top offerings of this brand when it comes to biscuits:

● Good Day

● 50-50


● Jim Jam

● Bourbon

● Marie Gold

● Tiger

● Pure Magic

● Little Hearts

● Milk Bikis

● Crackers


一个领先的饼干制造商在印度,AnmolIndustries have been providing delightful and savoury biscuits in the Indian market since 1994. Though loved across the country, the biscuits of this brand have a huge market in the northern states. With 61 varieties of biscuits, this brand has already across the mark of Rs. 1,000 crores annual turnover. In terms of rank, it is the 4th largest biscuit brand in India. Some of the renowned biscuits of this company are listed below:

● Butter Twinz

● Jadoo

● Top Magic

● Dream Lite

● Mango Mazaa

● Yummy Milk

● Choco Mazaa

● Fruit Mazaa

● Lemon Mazaa

● Vita Marie Plus

● Sugar-Free Cream Cracker

4. Sunfeast

One of the popular brands of the ITC company, Sunfeast is one of the most lovedbiscuit brands in India.It offers healthy digestive biscuits, delicious cream biscuits, milk biscuits, chocolate-filled cookies, and much more. Some of the popular biscuits offered by this brand are highlighted below:

● Sunfeast Bounce Double Creme - Orange Vanilla

● Sunfeast Bounce Dream Creme - Choco Vanilla

● Sunfeast Veda Marie Light

● Sunfeast Milk Biscuits

● Sunfeast Dark Fantasy Choco Nut Fills

● Sunfeast Mom’s Magic Fruit & Milk

● Sunfeast Mom’s Magic Rich Butter

● Sunfeast Marie Light

● Sunfeast Nice

● Sunfeast Glucose

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5. Priya Gold

Founded in 1993, Priya Gold is a venture of Surya Foods and Agro Limited. The largest plant of this company is in Noida where it has a factory setup of international standards. It provides milk, cream, salty, crackers, digestive, and many other varieties of biscuits and cookies. Its products are supplied in more than 20 countries. Therefore, it is a biscuit brand to be appreciated. Here are the top offerings of Priya Gold:

● Marie Lite

● Snakker

● Choco Chekkers

● Cheese Cracker

● Butter Delite

● Butter Milk

● Classic Creme

● Bourbon Creme

● CNC Biscuits

● Butter Bite

● Puff Choco Vanilla

● Jeera Top

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6. Patanjali Biscuits

Though a new entry in the biscuit market, Patanjali seems to have a stronghold on the Indian masses due to its strong marketing and branding strategies. The tagline 'Prakriti Ka Ashirwad' meaning nature's boon resonates perfectly with health-conscious individuals. Patanjali Biscuits offers biscuits for diabetes and blood pressure patients as well. The biscuit varieties provided by this brand include digestive, cream, chocolate, milk, butter cookies, etc. Due to its focus on products made from natural ingredients, it is certainly one of the most trustedbiscuit brands in India.Some of the best offerings of this brand include

● Butter Cookies

● Doodh Biscuits

● Marie

● Patanjali Namkeen Biscuits

● Nariyal Cookies

● Cashew Cookies

● Patanjali Twisty Tasty Biscuits

● Elaichi Biscuit

● Cream Feast Orange Biscuit

● Digestive Whole Wheat Biscuits

● Patanjali Crunchy Coconut Cookies

7. Cremica

Founded by Rajni Bector, a household name in Punjab due to her cooking expertise, the Cremica brand focuses on cakes, biscuits, and other delicious delights. Today, Cremica biscuits have reached more than 23 states in India and are sold at more than 5.5 lakh outlets across the country. The crackers and cream-filled cookies of this brand are popular due to their amazing taste and premium quality. Here are the top biscuits offered by Cremica:

● Trufills Cookies

● Digestive Oatmeal

● Bourbon

● Creme Vanilla

● Creme Chocolate

● Creme Strawberry

● Twin Creme

● Classic Crackers

● Sugar Crackers

● Non-stop Crunchy Crackers

● Non-stop Pizza Flavour

● Magiccreme

● Premium Cookies

8. Oreo

A brand launched by Cadbury, Oreo is one of the most popularbiscuit brands in India.The delicious cream biscuits of this brand have certainly been one of the main contributors to its success. Some of the top offerings of Oreo include:

● Oreo Gluten Free

● Oreo Classics

● Oreo Flavors

● Oreo Treats

● Oreo Thins

9. Unibic

Unibic biscuits are known for providing nutritious and tasty biscuits. Their biscuits are especially rich in fibre and made from plain oats that aid weight loss. More than 30 variants of biscuits and cookies make it one of the topbiscuit brands in India.Recognized as a premium brand, Unibic focuses on quality instead of quantity. Their products come in premium-quality packages as well and are frequently used as gifts. The most premium offerings of Unibic biscuits include

● Unibic Assorted Cookies

● Unibic Fruit & Nut Cookies

● Unibic Chocolate Cookies

● Unibic Oatmeal Digestive

● Unibic Double Digestive Ajwain

● Unibic Sugar-Free Oatmeal


● Unibic Cashew Cookies

● Unibic Butter Cookies

10. Haldiram’s

Though Haldiram's biscuits might not be as popular as its other offerings, it has a large customer base for premium biscuits. By incorporating international standards for packaging and safety, it has become one of the best biscuit brands in the business. Some of the best biscuits of this brand include:

● Cookie Heaven Vanilla

● Cookie Heaven Kaju Pista

● Cookie Heaven Jeera

● Cookie Heaven Ajwain

Some of the topbiscuit brands in Indiaand their respective price ranges are given in the below table:

Biscuit Brand

Price Range (In Rs.)






10 - 30

Priya Gold















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